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Sears Studio Super Summer Saturdays!

Master Class Saturdays

 Dance and Improvisation

Classes for Ages 7-17

Summer Saturday Master Classes provide an intensive study in acting and dance. Summer Saturdays do not require a final performance because the curriculum is based entirely on studying the craft as a master class. Dance students will dive into the various techniques and styles of dance required to become a triple threat and will be challenged on a personal level based on experience. Acting students will focus on building various skills to enhance their performance. Summer Saturdays are fun and exciting and provide an excellent educational opportunity to prepare your student for their personal development into the next level of performance.  


Oakhurst United Methodist Church- Fellowship Hall

13400 Park Blvd

Seminole, Florida 33776



6/10, 6/17, 7/1, 7/8 and 7/15

*6/24 - no class -Matilda production at Country Day School 



Improvisation: 12:30-1:30

Snack break: 1:30- 1:45

Dance- 1:45- 2:30 pm


Total Cost for summer experience: 

Improvisation $95.00

Dance: $95.00

Both Dance and Improv $155.00

PLEASE BE SURE YOUR CHILD BRINGS A WATER BOTTLE, A SNACK, OR CASH FOR OUR SNACK STAND. We Sell chips, cookies, cupcakes and fruit rollups. Items are $1.00 each. 


We have a list of expectations for our Summer Master class that we would like to share with you. In addition, we have included the requirements for the Matilda cast, as this applies to all the students involved. We will provide all the costumes for Matilda, but we kindly request that students wear "rehearsal blacks" underneath their costumes during shows. While wearing rehearsal blacks to all rehearsals is optional, it will become a requirement during the dress rehearsals in the second week of camp. Rehearsal blacks are simply black clothing that students can wear under their costumes that does not distract from the costume (short and sleeveless). This allows for quick and easy changes and trying on different costumes without the need for privacy. Starting from the second week of camp until the shows, we would like all Matilda cast members to wear their show blacks every day.

Please make sure your student comes dressed in their show blacks and appropriate shoes starting from the second week of camp, Monday, June 19, and all Summer Saturday Masterclasses if possible.

Please do your best to follow the masterclass dress code for our Summer Saturday Masterclasses and all Dress rehearsals and show dates. Summer Saturday Masterclass information

It is important for the participants to wear appropriate attire that allows them to move freely and focus on their performance. Here's a suggested dress code for kids to wear all-black rehearsal clothes:

  1. Tops:

    • Solid black fitted tank tops or t-shirts for both boys and girls.

    • (Sleeveless shirts only under costumes/all dress rehearsals and show days)

  2. Bottoms:

    • Black leggings or fitted black pants for both boys and girls.

    • (short leggings/biker shorts only under costumes for all dress rehearsals and show days)


    • Girls may also wear black dance shorts over their leggings or tights.

  3. Footwear:

    • Black ballet slippers or jazz shoes for dance segments.

    • (Black dance shoe , or black boot for dress rehearsal and show days- students should always rehearse in show shoes asap)Black sneakers or athletic shoes for movement exercises.



  4. Accessories:

    • Minimalist, non-distracting accessories such as small black hair ties or headbands for those with long hair.

    • No jewelry that may interfere with movement or distract from the performance.

  5. Hair:

    • Hair should be neatly styled and pulled away from the face to avoid distractions.


Additional Considerations for Masterclass Dress Code:

  • All clothing should fit well and allow for ease of movement without being too tight or restrictive.

  • The dress code emphasizes wearing all black to create a unified and professional look among the participants.


  • Remember, the focus of the master class is on honing acting and dance skills, so the dress code should prioritize comfort, mobility, and a unified appearance while minimizing distractions.

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