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No Walk Ups. All Students must be registered through Country Day School Summer Camp and Must complete a digital auditions form.


JUNE 2ND: Arrive at 1:00 pm  or  Arrive  2:00 pm

@ Country Day School Black Box

1:00 pm -2:00 pm or 2:00 pm- 3:00 pm

*Some students may be asked to stay past the audition time. Or, they may be asked to return for a call back at 3:15 pm.  Please plan accordingly.

Everyone should audition for a role.

*Students unable to attend auditions will be assigned a role as needed.


*Students must be available for all camp days as well as the Performances

Performance Dates: JUNE 23, Friday, 7:00 pm and JUNE 24, Saturday. 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm

AUDITIONS:  JUNE 2ND Arrive at 1:00  or  Arrive at 2:00 pm

Audition For Your Ensemble role 

For those who are beginners, this will be an easy no-pressure audition. If students are nervous about singing for us, we invite them to sing in small groups. *All the students must be willing to sing in a group, 

Students should try to memorize 30 seconds of

Revolting Children or When I grow Up. 


Audition For Leading Role or Small Role :

Students interested in a leading role should be prepared to sing a song from the show. It is suggested that you sing from a role you are most interested in playing. You will likely only be asked to sing the first 30 seconds of your song, but it is highly suggested that you know the full song. It is also suggested that you become familiar with all the songs- you may be asked to sing the additional songs using the music books. 

Performance Tracks

Guide Vocals

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