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Parents please read the information and share it with your student.
The Festival Schedule is tentative and subject to live changes.

We will be on the GroupMe app (link to join: to keep everyone posted and updated throughout the FTC conference.

at Country Day School (parent load crew 11:45 -- students 1:00pm - 6:00pm)
-Black shoes and black under costume wear. 
-Hair done for show!
-Bring Water Bottle
If available: Thursday, November 11th, 3:30 pm: 
Loading the vans. All available Load crew, please meet at the CDS black box theatre to help load the vans.
DO NOT GO TO THE CONFERENCE REGISTRATION DESK FOR YOUR STUDENT BADGES- Ms. Sears and Ms. Young will have all the student badges. 
Registration is intended for sponsors, and it is our job to pick up and pass out the badges and provide the necessary information. Please do not bother them unless I send you there. Text or Call Ms. Young at 727-560-0407 or me for all information or badge needs. 
Friday, Nov. 12th: EARLY ARRIVALS 
1:30-2:50 pm Improvisation Workshop by Sears Studio Performing Arts Academy
AdventHealth Fieldhouse & Conference Center, Winter Haven, FL
Field House Meeting Room G-  210 Cypress Gardens Blvd. Winter Haven, FL 33880
If you arrive early on Friday, please meet us at the workshop door to collect badges: Katrina will be at the door before and after the workshop. I am sorry, I can not give any specific directions- again, the event is at a brand new location, so everyone will have to do their best to find their way around. Once we get there, we will scout things out and try to text some hints. Again, our students may not be able to get into this workshop. If you have arrived early, feel free to check it out. If it is full, look for another exciting workshop to attend. 
FRIDAY DINNER! 5:15 pm (Let’s beat the crowds-get the darlings to bed early- tomorrow is going to be a long day)
IF you are arriving in time for dinner, you are welcome to make any plans you like- but, we will be eating at:
Harry's Old Place
3751 Cypress Gardens Road,
Winter Haven, Florida 33884,
(863) 324 -0301
Looks mid to higher price range, but it appears to have a great kids menu all under $6.oo-- most importantly, they have Key Lime Pie! :)
After Dinner Social Hour, badge pickup, and meet/greet- we will be in the lobby of the Holiday Inn until 9:00 pm. Otherwise, see you next at noon Saturday.  
HOLIDAY INN ADDRESS: 200 Cypress Gardens Boulevard, Winter Haven Florida 33880
-if you are already here and want to make the most of the conference- you will meet me in the lobby and place a hot peppermint mocha latte in my hand. JK-- sort of- just glad you are reading this!  DO EAT A HEARTY BREAKFAST- food schedules are going to be weird today!
My suggestion: Head on over to enjoy some shows Theatre Winter Haven Chain O’ Lakes Complex - 210 Cypress Gardens Blvd. Winter Haven, FL 33880
9:00 am Sebring Middle School Performance
10:20 am Patel Conservatory Performance
(Watching these performances will have the added bonus of getting an eye on the space we will perform in this evening!)
* LEAVE after the 2nd performance. There is a workshop, but you need to be at the Holiday Inn at 12:00 PM, and students will need a brain break here!
If you are just arriving, plan to meet us in the lobby of the Holiday inn at Noon  
200 Cypress Gardens Boulevard, Winter Haven Florida 33880
NOON(12:00pm - 2:30 pm):
EVERYONE Meet in the Lobby of Holiday Inn (200 Cypress Gardens Boulevard, Winter Haven, FL 33880) for reminders and SHOW WARM-UP/REHEARSAL!  Parents- you can listen in or take a break if you are not on our crew. If you are on the parent crew plan to stay through the rehearsal.
2:30 GO and feed the little bears SOMETHING FABULOUS AND FILLING! IT WILL be a long time before they have a full meal again! Please feed the bears but don’t poke the bear- this mama bear will be taking a short hibernation period! This is a good time for performers to take a power nap. Students must return in full black underclothes, shoes, hair prepared as needed for the show, and light stage makeup for the girls. 
4:10 Theatre Winter Haven Chain O’ Lakes Complex 210 Cypress Gardens Blvd. Winter Haven, FL 33880: 
4:20PM - Griffin Academy performance: ALL students MUST watch this, so they are familiar with the stage. 
* A workshop is offered after- do not attend- take a break! 
5:05-5:30 - Time to kiss, love, hug, and embarrass the living life out of your child! They grow up fast- don't miss this opportunity to make a fool of yourself! Pump your child up with lots of love and great big confident energy! There are food trucks on site and snacks close by- Give them a healthy, hearty snack, please! Touch up hair and makeup and drop them off to us at the loading dock! Go somewhere, but don't abandon us- send us your good vibes- your mojo- your love- your superstar spirit! Get an early seat! But please do not talk to the judges, read their notes over their shoulders, or speak weirdly in earshot about your exceptional children. The kids don't need that kind of help- trust me, it won't help! (true story- it has happened- I have lots of stories like this- please don't give me anymore). 
5:30pm - LAUNCH FOR SHOWTIME BABY! move directly to the loading dock- BE ON TIME!
We will have to scout this out where this dock is. Look for the school Vans and find us there. Everything will be added to the Groupme during the conference.
Students and backstage moms report to Ms. Young- all blacks under whatever clothes you are wearing- hair neat and prepared in character requirements- Light make up- ladies, base, lips, light pink cheeks, and waterproof mascara. 
Loading Crew- lights and sound meet with Ms. Sears. 
FROM THIS MOMENT ON---EVERYONE LISTENS- Nobody Freezes-not yet, Riley!!! DO not wander off down hallways and DO be silent backstage. This includes all parents too! We are being judged from the moment we are seen outside with the vans! A backstage judge is watching how professionally we do or do not conduct ourselves. Are we following the leadership? Is the entire cast listening?!!!! So so important not to act like fools or to be entitled to a space that is not ours! We must respect the space and all the leaders in our group and especially the leaders inside the building! Listen and pay attention! I can not break down these times with details-- the leaders will tell you what to do. 
Leaders: Ms. Young, Ms. Sears and FTC Stage and building Managers- all adults!
Students will take their costumes and follow Ms. Young to our pre-staging area. Students will dress and get a costume check! Check all ties are used, and costumes look neat and fabulous! Triple secure all hair pieces! Double-check snow wands! Baskets are ready with second costumes set to bring on stage!
Loading Crew-we will unload and begin our set up in the pre-staging area. Lordy! Dont leave yet!!- we still have to put the set on the stage-Once the set is loaded to the shop- we go to the black box (pre-staging room). Once costumes are on, we will warm up the show! You will wait with us to go onstage.
6:35 pm We hit the STAGE! (but not running!!) Calm, Cool, and collected - think Bond, James Bond! Walk impressively and get her done and get out there! Students must be silent and attentive. Do not ask questions for attention- ask with purpose only. Listen because your questions will be answered in the walk-through. 
                    -Stage Crew: The set goes up while Ms. Young walks students through the stage areas-- Baskets are set-- props checked after the set is placed.
                     -Sound and lights will go immediately to the booth and start learning how to use the equipment and set and test cues.
After the show… YOU WILL BE TEMPTED TO BASK IN THE GLORY- TEARS AND JOY AND AMAZEMENT WILL SWEEP YOU INTO A BLISS OF UNSUSTAINABLE HAPPINESS. But, you gotta snap out of it! LET IT GO!!  We gotta get backstage and to judge critique fast! Pay attention to where you are asked to go and how to get to the judge’s room!!! Now we move again to get to the closing ceremony- it is in FIVE MINUTES!! 
After all is said and done kids… Hello!!!!!!!   You must come back to the earth as a humble human being- one who says- thank you so much for coming! Thank you so much for watching! Thank you so much for your compliments! It means the world to me!  You go back to mom and dad and grandma or whoever pays your bills, gives you love, and support and you say- WOW, you are the best- I can't thank you enough for this! Oh, and don't forget your teachers- they helped- a little bit. :)
--MUCH LOVE! Students, thank you for being amazing young artists! And, parents, thank you for supporting them through this extraordinary journey. My life is once again profoundly enriched and elevated because of you and yours!
Ms. Sears

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Sent Nov. 1


We finally have our performance time for the Florida Theatre Conference Our "load in" time is 5:40 pm. We will perform at 7:00 pm. The performance will be 45 minutes long- the judges will critique our performance for 15 minutes, and the Closing Ceremony will start at 8:15. 





Youth Small = ___

Youth Medium = ___

Youth Large = ___

Youth XL = ___

Adult Small = ___

Adult Medium = ___

Adult Large = ___

Adult XL = ___


2.  YOUR ARRIVAL PLANS- When are you arriving Friday or Saturday? Everyone must be at the conference (Holiday In Lobby) by Saturday Noon. We will have a meeting at that time and run warm up the show.


The later evening slot is new to the festival and very unexpected, but it is a lovely and exciting compliment. They have tied our show into the closing ceremony event to add to the excitement of the evening after the dinner break dinner. 


Festival Schedule- tentative and subject to live changes. We will be on the what's up the app to keep everyone posted and updated through text. 


You will soon get a copy of a very detailed schedule of all expectations for the conference. This schedule will also be posted on the Abba Dabba/Sears Studio website as well. 

Don't forget: 

Email Sent Oct 28


I am still waiting for our showtime at the conference. It will come in at any time. I will let you know asap. As soon as I have the time, I will set up a breakdown of our day with meeting times, etc. 


Parent Meeting at the end of rehearsal Nov. 7th, 6:15 pm 

I will be available to answer questions and set up our communication system for the conference at the end of our rehearsal on Sunday -  please plan on coming into the theatre (be sure to wear a mask) for a few reminders and last-minute questions answered.


Improv Workshop-Friday The Actor's Playground: Fri, Nov 12: 1:30 pm - 2:50 pm: FieldHouse Meeting Room G

I will be leading workshops at the conference. My Improv workshops have been very popular during past conferences, and this has led to some unexpected frustrations from our students not being able to attend. If you are attending early on Friday, please understand that students are welcome, and I love having them in the room; however- if it is full- I must give privilege to students from other parts of the state- because our kids already have access to what I am teaching the others. Since this pandemic has affected everything and the conference is in a new space- I can not predict the situation, but I think it is worth a heads-up to avoid frustrations. We will do the best we can this year and adapt to each situation. Regardless, I don't doubt everyone will have a wonderful time, and there is so much to learn. 


The show coming together! Please tell the students to continue practicing those lines and think over those entrances and crowd scene responses. 



Email sent Oct 22- please email me if you are not getting the information.



Please read all the information. I apologize that I send a lot- but it is a big and glorious event!   A great big thank you to the parents who have volunteered to help! Check for your name and arrival times for Nov. 7th below. Next, you will see a schedule for the Conference. I still do not have our show time- but as soon as possible I will send all the call times for that. They expect us to simply be available for the entire day- regardless of our designated showtime. 


Due to the number of conflicts with students- we will still hold a very important rehearsal on Nov 7th, but we will not be able to perform for friends and family. Too many players have had unresolvable and understandable conflicts to make this day work as a performance. Please do everything you can to continue to support your student's attendance as we move forward. We have rescheduled accordingly to try to teach the full show. Any further absences will be creating an impossible situation.  In order to have the complete cast available, I intend to have a performance after the Florida Theatre Conference. I would like to do this on Wednesdays in December- knowing that these were already days committed to our class- I will send more on that later. Please keep in mind that this session continues through Wed. Dec. 15 and we pick up again after Christmas with a show yet to be announced! 



The gate will be open, if for any reason it is not open please call my cell 727-481-1189- Code 2020# will not work.

At Country Day School

10:30- 5:00pm

wear black shoes and black underclothing

bring a bag lunch and water bottle- snack or snack stand money


Sunday, NOVEMBER 7  -at Country Day School (students arrive at 1:00pm - 6:30pm-- parent load crew 11:45)

At Country Day School. 

STUDENTS arrive at 1:00 pm

-Wear black shoes and black under costume wear

-Bring Water Bottle and Healthy Snacks


SET LOADING 11:45 - 1:00pm

PARENT HELP - Arrive at 11:45- We will learn how to load the vans and unload the set on the stage. This is a very important part of our competition and must be practiced for precision and timing. We will have 10 minutes at the festival to work together to get it set up on the stage. 

Crew: Doug Jenkins, Tammy and Ray Hand, Brian Harrison, Coach Jared, Carrie, and/or Bill Connolly. 


Backstage Parents:

Please arrive at 4:00 pm- (you are welcome anytime prior) to learn the show and how you will be able to help backstage)

Backstage Help: Beth Anne, Colleen O’shell-


Thank you all! Have a wonderful weekend!

Email Oct. 24th



This Wednesday, Oct 27, and next Wednesday, November 3- We will be running dress rehearsals. Plan on picking students up at 6:45.


I am sorry, but I do not have our show time from the conference yet. As soon as I get it, you will hear from me. I am also still working on a date to have an opportunity to have the show performed at home. At this time, several of the key players are unable to commit to any performance dates beyond the conference showcase. We may have to adjust to something a little different. I will do what I can and keep you informed accordingly. Continued Reminder of Dates below:


October, 25, *27

November 1, *3, 7 8, 10

(conference Nov. 13)

15, 17, 29

December 1, 6, 8, 13, 15



*Dress Rehearsals: 4:30 PM - 6:45 PM

Bring undergarments, shoes & shield, or mask!

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